Time Tracking Software

Best time tracking software for keeping track of your time and sending invoices (desktop software and web based tools)

  1. FreshBooks
  2. Complete Time Tracking Pro (for PC)
  3. Freckle
  4. Timepost (for Mac)
  5. Basecamp
  6. RescueTime
  7. Harvest
  8. Tick
  9. FunctionFox
  10. 1time
  11. Intervals
  12. ClickTime
  13. iTeamwork
  14. ProWorkflow
  15. Billings (for Mac)
  16. SlimTimer
  17. Cashboard
  18. Toggl
  19. TimeAnalyzer
  20. 14Dayz
  21. Clocking IT
  22. Xpert-Timer
  23. MyHours
  24. Synerion (Workforce Management Software)
  25. Clockware
  26. Timeslips
  27. LiveTimer
  28. Tempo
  29. ActiveCollab
  30. Fanurio
  31. actiTIME
  32. Blinksale (only invoicing)
  33. 5pm
  34. yaTimer
  35. Invoice Journal
  36. Toodledo
  37. OfficeTime
  38. Klok
  39. TimeLog
  40. Slife
  41. Less Time Spent
  42. TSheets
  43. Paymo
  44. myHours.com
  45. TimeEdition
  46. Clockspot
  47. Punched In / Time Clock
  48. Staction
  49. On The Job (for Mac)
  50. Web TimeSheet
  51. Senomix Timesheets
  52. The Invoice Machine (invoicing only)
  53. Autotask
  54. Rechnung+
  55. Mite
  56. On Trax Timesheets
  57. BubbleTimer
  58. PandaWare
  59. Tracking Time
  60. Atlantic Global
  61. ABAK Softwares
  62. HourDoc.com
  63. Clockitin
  64. Time Online
  65. XNote Stopwatch
  66. Labor Time Tracker
  67. Pacific Timesheet
  68. Klok
  69. Qlockwork
  70. LogMyTime (Currently only available in German.)
  71. TrackRecord (for Mac)
  72. Activity Tracker Plus
  73. Timesheets.com
  74. TimeZone
  75. TrackRecord (for Mac)
  76. Chrometa
  77. Replicon Web TimeSheet
  78. Timeless Time & Expense
  79. Time Duty
  80. Time Cockpit
  81. Crisply
  82. CreativeWorx
  83. primaERP
  84. Time Tracking for iPhone
  85. TimeLive
  86. Replicon
  87. ProofHub
  88. Worksnaps
  89. 10,000ft
  90. OfficeTimer
  91. Timeneye
  92. TimeSheet Reporter
  93. eBillity
  94. Solo
  95. TimeCamp
  96. Tiempo
  97. Yaware
  98. Timely
  99. Punchtime
  100. Hub Planner
  101. Hubstaff

Please note, this list is in no particular order; new entries are usually added at the bottom of the list. A few of the links are affiliate links.


Time tracking software is my obsession

When I ask people about their time tracking habits, most of them just say they are terrible at tracking their time. According to an informal survey I conducted, about 35% of you don't even bother to track your time. And a whopping 40% track your time after-the-fact. Only 25% of you track your time as you work using a stopwatch or a timer.


I'm going to explain to you why I am compulsive about tracking time, and why I think it makes me more productive. All of us at Tornado Design (AZ Web Design) track our time every day.


I track my time using a (software based) stopwatch as I work. It works great for me since I'm usually at my computer during the day.


I deal with lots of different projects and clients during the day and if I tried to remember what I was doing there is no way I could accurately remember. I'd be guessing, at best. And at worst I would forget half of the things and it wouldn't be billed.


Since I track both my billable and unbillable time, I am able to accurately gauge my total utilization (the percentage of my time that is billable). This helps when determining hourly rates.


The most important aspect of tracking my time is knowing the timer is running. It's a constant reminder that I am supposed to be productive and stay on-task. When the timer is running, I know I need to be working efficiently.


It's akin to having a manager sitting behind you constantly critiquing your productivity. I take that pressure and apply it to my work.


On the flip side, when I'm doing unbillable tasks I can easily see that I'm not earning income and it reminds me to get back to the billable work.


I track time because it makes me more productive because I am constantly reminded by a ticking stopwatch. That's why I recommend everybody use time trackng software every day!


Photo by bogenfreund on Flickr.


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Another Great List from Chris Tingom and Time Tracking Software

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